Object and Copyright

1. The “NatCool @ Art by Niepoort” competition is an initiative of the company Niepoort Vinhos S.A. that aims to stimulate the participation of all in the graphic and artistic intervention on the label of the DrinkMe / NatCool wine.

2. The property content related to copyright is guaranteed.

3. However, the participating authors will give prior agreement to the dicussion of their proposals for promotional purposes of the Niepoort’s brand, without time limit.

4. The participation in the present competition, considered from the moment of reception of one or more proposals, will imply the full acceptance and without reserve of the conditions previewed by this regulation, as well as the permission concerning the collection, the register and the processing of personal data provided as part of the submission.

Conditions of Participation

1. The “NatCool @ Art by Niepoort” competition:
a) is addressed to everyone, Portuguese or foreign citizens, residing in Portugal or not, individuals or companies, older than 18 years of age;
b) Niepoort’s workers (m/f) or collaborators (m/f) will not be allowed to participate, as well as members of the jury, as well as spouses, equivalent, and their ascending and descending relatives;
c) the proposals can be presented in an individual or collective (co-authorship) way, each candidate given the possibility to submit up to 3 proposals.

2. Candidates are responsible for the originality of their presented proposal/s, assuring their authorship and, thereby, assuming all the responsibility for eventual complaints from third parties concerning copyright.

Essential Requirements of Proposals

1. Graphic interventions on the label:
a) must necessarily be innovative and original;
b) can be developed in two ways: on the label of the original bottle, that should be intervened and photographed; on the image of the bottle, available for download;
c) can use any technique, manual or digital;
d) cannot contain any identifying feature of its author/s (m/f), nor any reference to brands or logos.

Submission of Proposals

1. The submission of proposals shall be digitally addressed to the email through photography or scanning in a pdf or jpg format (50MB maximum), A4 dimension (21 x 29,7 cm) and a 300dpi resolution.

2. In the body of the email, fill the following fields:
a) name
b) email
c) mobile phone/telephone
d) country
e) nationality
f) brief overview of the proposal
g) used technique/s

3. Any proposal which does not meet the two previous points or that is submitted in a date beyond the deadline will not be considered.

Timetable of the Competition and Promotion

1. Calendar of the competition:
a) final deadline for submission of proposals: until 11:59 PM hours (Greenwich / Portugal Time), of the 31st of May 2020;
b) final deadline for the public dissemination of the winning propostals: until the 12th of June 2020.

2. The winner of the “NatCool @ Art by Niepoort” competition will be informed through email and/or telephone.

Stages of the Competition

1. The competition integrates the following phases:
Phase 1: verification of the submitted proposals and exclusion of the proposals that do not meet the present regulation;
Phase 2: evaluation of the proposals by the announced jury;
Phase 3: communication of the result(s) to the winner;
Phase 4: communication of the result(s) to the public and to all the competitors.


1. The winning proposal will have its design in the label of the NatCool limited edition and will receive a set of Niepoort wines valued at EUR 500 (five hundred Euros).

2. The award cannot be exchanged nor converted into cash.

3. The award ceremony is hosted by the event’s organization.

Competition Jury and Selection

1. Proposals are numbered and selected anonymously, without any identifying feature of its authors (m/f).

2. The Jury evaluating the proposals will take into consideration the following factors:
a) the originality and the creativity of the proposal;
b) the legibility and the adaptability of the proposal;
c) the communication of the NatCool’s spirit.

3. The jury is composed by:
Eduardo Dirk Niepoort (chairman)
Daniel Niepoort (representing the Niepoort’s brand)
Tiago Dias da Silva (Niepoort’s marketeer)
Francisco Providência (designer and Professor at the University of Aveiro)
João Noutel (artist)

4. The decisions of the competition jury will be taken by majority, without the possibility of appealing.


1. Doubts concerning the intrepretation of the present regulation should be submitted to the following email:

2. The resolution of doubts concerning the present regulation, as well as of missing situations, is under the full responsibility of Niepoort, that will ensure their promotion through the most convenient means.

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